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About Us

With a  combined 45 years’ operating globally in the power utilities, mining and gas industry, we have experience covering all facets from design and construction to maintenance and disaster recovery.

Our core offering is installation, commissioning, repair, rebuild, replace and maintenance (Cradle to Grave solutions) to owners, managers and users of commercial building, industrial sites, power generation, mining, substations and infrastructure.


 To provide economically sound solutions amd efficient service to our clients being original equipment manufacturers, power authorities, end users and third parties.


 To be the choice provider  with game changing solutions that deliver measureable results.

Power in Planning

We take the time to properly plan every project the ensure it’s completed as fast and efficient as possible, for the lowest cost available.

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Safety is Key

Using only the latest equipment and safest gear, our team suits up for safety head to toe ensuring their work and their environment meet the highest safety standards.