Our Services

The site service capabilities of Electritec Pty Ltd are extensive and technically broad with an international reach. Explore the services we offer below.


A series of vital checks to negate risk and reach performance from the get go.

We will project manage all phases from installation, commissioning and certification, to energisation and handover. Our experienced team of engineers test and commission high voltage equipment and low voltage infrastructure.


We can offer system Integration with existing legacy infrastructure, as well as configuration and integration of SCADA systems.

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​Regular monitoring of critical assets to reduce risk, improve reliability and the bottom line.

Electritec can implement asset maintenance programs, including asset identification, as well as provide maitenance performance reporting on all power infrastructure. 

Planning, estimating, and scheduling outages, shut downs and turnaround management are all services we can offer. On top of this, we can perform regulatory and statutory testing to specification.

Managing, repairing and providing recovery solutions for asset failure, along with thhe planning, procurement, installation and commission replacement of aging equipment (i.e. Retrofit) are all included within our Maintenance service. We can also offer performance improvement recommendations as a result of a Power Quality Analysis.​​

Services also include targeted predictive maintenance activities:

  • Thermography and Ultrasonic (Leading Indicator) (Air/oil/Electrical)

  • DLA (Dielectric Loss Angle)

  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) o PD (Partial Discharge)

  • DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)

  • Trend and Analysis -Electric motors, switching devices, circuit breakers, cable, transformer

Design Reviews

​Identify shortfalls at the source to reduce risk and improve reliability.


Experienced engineers will review the protection philosophy applied in relation to safety and reliability. Protection against discrimination along with coordination studies can also be provided.

Network protective devices will be reviewed, reset and monitored to achieved optimum intel and performance. Our team can also review and report on your existing Earthing System.

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Site Services

The site service capabilities of Electritec Pty Ltd are extensive and technically broad with a national and International reach, providing support and project delivery assistance to clients as per the below disciplines.

Site Works

Includes site offloading, erection, installation and commissioning of switchgear/substation solutions either as supplied or a client’s third party provider.


Turnkey construction (Through Partners) of electricity networks and substations up to 132kV.

Power Generation

Turnkey design, supply, installation, and servicing of stand alone and peak load power generation systems can be provided, as can protection - both fixed and mobile solutions.


We offer the inspection and auditing regarding existing/ or legacy switchgear/substation solutions for clients requiring professional advice.


The onsite solution of electrical fit-outs and operational equipment upgrades.

Ongoing Maintenance

Along with the strategic planning of ssset maintenance programs, we can supply competent on-site staff to either undertake or oversee the sites' maintenance.​

Buyers Representation

Electritec Pty Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to represent your interests.